What is this site?

Tenzons emerged, caterpillar-like, from the wispy miasmas of the summer of 2007. In its elusive pages, a steady stream of semi-coherent ramblings and recipes for pound cake found a home. This combination proved to be an immediate hit, with a 2008 peak readership approaching 3Which is believed by some researchers to represent a significant portion of internet users at that time.. However, by 2010 the site was struggling, due largely to the rise of competing sites such as timecube.com, alpacamoon.com, and the well-known lecostumeatraverslessiecles.chez-alice.fr. Undeterred, Tenzon shuttered the site and went into hermitage for several years in the American Southwest, reportedly subsisting entirely on scorpions and grapefruit Jarritos.

However, like the mighty manatee, Tenzons could not stay submerged forever. Due to the notable lack of any sustained reader outcry in opposition, the site was restarted at some point in the also-miasmic mists of 2014. With the past cloudy and the future uncertain, Tenzons shudders forward, battered but unbowed, still grasping at that proffered brass ring of further obscurity.



Tenzon is an online repository for the short fiction, criticism, and assorted prose works of Natty Forsythe.

All material is written, produced, maintained, etc. by Natty Forsythe. Natty currently lives in the Midwestern United States, as do a significant number of other medium-sized mammals. Between 2010 to 2013, he attended the UMass Boston MFA program in fiction writing, graduating with concern. His work has appeared in ZYZZYVA, Asimov’s Science Fiction online, Rain Taxi, in addition to a number of preeminent restroom stalls.