Welcome to the new Tenzons

Welcome to the recently resuscitated Tenzons. This newest design was inspired by Art Deco and Modernist poster art, as well as, more specifically, this advertisement, which encourages you to “eat fish”.

Mangez Du Poisson

While most “popular” sites have tended in recent years towards fixed-width, easily manageable, user-friendly web design, this is not the case on Tenzons. Our new layout scales adaptively, sometime in unpredictable ways. When your browser window is resized, it is my solemn promise to you that things will happen. Strange things. Unpredictable things. Is the content mobile friendly? A better question would be “is the content not mobile unfriendly”?

The typeface used here is Inder, developed by Eben Sorkin and Irina Smirnova. It was inspired by German art noveau style lettering and the Amsterdam School of architecture.

As you may not remember, Tenzons began in the long-ago days of 2007, inspired by then-prominent trends in obtuse literary fiction and cat dressage. The design was significantly different, but the inane ramblings I posted were largely similar. The site has been dormant for a number several years, gathering its strength, licking its wounds while still finding opportunities to accrue new ones.

But now, due to the lack of any sustained reader outcry in opposition, I have decided to restart the site. Like the mystic nautilus, it will traverse the deeps oceans of the internet, making its was largely undetected and undisturbed, with only a few bubbles and the swaying of the sea grass to mark its passage.

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